Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Katterna har blivit bundis / The cats are friends now

Dom gar ut pa jakt hela dagarna och sen kommer dom och jamar framat kvallsningen. Sover sedan ihop i en klump eller i min och Jesses sang som forstahandsval - om dom blir utslangda gar dom till Max och sistahandsvalet ar Dinos sang. Pelle sover ju pa ovre plan i vaningssangen sa dit tar dom sig inte.

They go out hunting together all day then come back in the evenings miaowing to get in, get fed and then fall aslep in a pile. If they are lucky their first choise is in Jesse's and my bed. If they get kicked out the go to Maxie boys bed and their last bed is Dinos. Pelle is on the second storey sleeping in the bunk bed you see so he gets left alone up there.

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